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The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued the "Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for Resumption of Work and Production in Enterprises and Institutions"



Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 22. On February 21, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued the "Enterprise and Institutional Units" to guide the implementation of various work requirements for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and to promote the steady and orderly resumption of work and production in enterprises and institutions. Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for Resumption of Work and Production.

The guidelines propose that each unit should strengthen employee health monitoring. Effectively grasp the flow of employees, carry out health management by division and classification according to local requirements, and implement home or centralized isolation medical observation for people from areas with severe epidemics. For employees who are in quarantine and in collective dormitories, temperature checks will be conducted twice a day. Set up a suspicious symptom reporting hotline. When employees have fever or respiratory symptoms, they must report to the unit in a timely manner. Summarize the health status of employees every day and report to the local disease control department. Second, we must do a good job in workplace prevention and control. Strengthen the registration management of personnel entering and leaving, and assign special personnel to strictly manage all channels entering and leaving the unit and dormitory. Keep the workplace ventilated, preferably natural ventilation when conditions permit. The workplace should be equipped with hand-washing equipment, and the hand-washing and shower facilities should be kept in normal operation. Clean and disinfect work and living places. Reduce employee gatherings and group activities, and reduce meetings. The meetings that need to be held should be shortened in time, controlled in scale, kept ventilated in the conference room, and advocated to hold video or teleconferences. Strengthen the management of employees' collective dining, appropriately extend the dining time of the canteen, and implement off-peak dining. Do a good job in medical services, and units that set up infirmaries must deploy necessary drugs and protective materials. Units that do not have medical offices should establish contact with medical institutions nearby. Standardize garbage collection and treatment, set up special recycling bins for masks in public areas, strengthen the cleaning of garbage bins, and conduct regular disinfection treatment. Strengthen garbage classification management, timely collection and removal. Third, we must guide employees in personal protection. Strengthen publicity and education on prevention and control, and use various forms to strengthen popularization of epidemic prevention and control knowledge after resumption of work and production. To implement personal protection requirements, employees should reduce unnecessary going out and avoid crowd gatherings, especially places with poor air mobility; in crowded places, they should wear masks correctly in accordance with the requirements of the "Technical Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Masks for Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Infection by Different Groups" and other protective equipment.

The guide emphasizes that all units must clarify their responsibilities for prevention and control and handle abnormal situations well. The main person in charge of each unit is the first responsible person for epidemic prevention and control, and it is necessary to clarify the emergency measures and disposal procedures for epidemic prevention and control. Set up an isolation observation area. When employees have suspicious symptoms, they should go to the area for temporary isolation in time, and report to the local disease control department, and arrange for employees to seek medical treatment nearby according to relevant regulations. After employees with suspicious symptoms are found, their workplaces and dormitories should be immediately isolated, and their offices, workshops and other office units and living places such as employee dormitory buildings should be further closed according to the medical observation. Use items to sanitize. Do a good job in the response and disposal of cases after they are found. Units that have found cases should implement prevention and control strategies for internal non-proliferation and external export prevention, strengthen case epidemiological investigation, close contact tracing and management, and disinfection of epidemic spots; The scattered units should implement the prevention and control strategy of preventing the spread of the epidemic internally and preventing the export from the outside. According to the severity of the epidemic, temporarily close the workplace, and resume production after the epidemic is under control.