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Notice of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology on the announcement of information solutions for a batch of industrial enterprises to resume production and production



All relevant units:

In order to effectively strengthen the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, the Tianjin New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Command's "Notice on Delaying the Resumption of Enterprises and Schools" and the Municipal Industry and Information Technology The relevant requirements of the Bureau's "Guiding Opinions on Further Regulating the Resumption of Work and Production of Industrial Enterprises" guide the city's industrial enterprises to use information technology and information tools to carry out scientific and precise prevention and control of the epidemic, and implement remote office, home office, video conferencing, online Online working methods such as training, collaborative research and development, precise supply and demand docking, and e-commerce help enterprises to resume work and production while reducing operating costs. Our bureau has organized a collection of information solutions for industrial enterprises to resume work and production, which are now provided to the city's industry Enterprises and industrial enterprises in our city can choose and implement them independently according to their actual needs.

Attachment: 1. Summary table of information solutions for resumption of work and production of industrial enterprises

2. Collection of information solutions for industrial enterprises to resume work and production

February 19, 2020